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An event "In the footsteps of the Italians in Saarland" State Chancellery Saarbrücken, 9.7.2022

At the invitation of the Saarland State Chancellery, on Wednesday, 7 September, in the presence of the Italian Consul at the Consulate General in Frankfurt am Main, Dr. Andrea Esteban Samà, and a large audience of representatives of the Italian community and Saarland's political and cultural authorities, the volume 'History, stories and anecdotes in the footsteps of the Italians in the Saarland', published by the Frankfurt Consulate in the 'Quaderni Francofortesi' series, was presented.

The honours were rendered by the Head of the Chancellery, David Lindmann, who praised the initiative and emphasised the cultural and economic ties that bind Italy to Germany and particularly to the Saarland, for its large community that is well integrated into the social and economic fabric of the Land.

On the same wavelength was Consul Esteban Samà, who recalled the historical ties between the two countries, which are reflected and enhanced in Consulate publications such as the 'Quaderni Francofortesi'.

In his long speech full of anecdotes, Pasquale Marino, editor of the volume, retraced the historical stages of the common history of the two countries from the Roman occupation to the present day. A presence, Marino stressed, that has contributed over time to the cultural and economic growth of the Land.

Lastly, Laura Fabrizia Pettinari had the task of presenting the latest developments of the Italian presence in Saarland, with the cultural-historical project 'Baustein Barockstadt Saarbrücken', aimed at the younger generations grappling with the new digital technologies.

"Baustein Barockstadt Saarbrücken," noted Laura Pettinari, is an innovative project that uses the video game for school use 'Minecraft Education' to initiate young people in a playful way into the discovery of the history of Saarbrücken and its intertwining with the Italian presence in this city.

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