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Generations meet at the Italian course in Güdingen-Saarbrücken

The protagonists of 50 years of Coasscit/Saar Italian courses met on Wednesday 15 December for the Christmas party at Gündigen primary school (Saarbrücken).

There were the grandparents who had stood on the school benches in the 1970s, the children who had followed them in the 1990s, and finally the grandchildren, today's students, of teacher Francesca Barbato (photo 1).

For the children of yesterday, who are now parents and grandparents, it was a plunge into the past, an opportunity to remember schoolmates and teachers, an opening of the memory cupboard of the Italian courses that have existed in Saarland for over 60 years, initially promoted and organised by the Italian Consulate and today in collaboration with the Saarland Ministry of Culture.

It was an opportunity to remember some of the teachers from back then, such as Mrs Ripa or Mr Guida, who taught for many years at the Wiedheck School in Brebach-Fechingen and Ensheim.

Leafing through the yearbooks of "Il Giornalino", some parents remembered their childhood and youth, like Monia Sarda (photo 2), who was a pupil of the Sulzbach course of teacher Francesco Calabrese and Antonella D'Alonzo in the 1990s.

The performance and carols were accompanied by light refreshments offered by the parents.

On this occasion, teacher Francesca Barbato presented the students with the A1 Italian language level certificate they had received in the June session of the certification exam at the University of Siena.

Photo, left to right (grandparents, parents): Maria Lucia, Angelika, Sarina, Monia, Maria Luisa; (student): Lia, Luan, Matteo, Timo, Nico, Gianluca.

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