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Native language
courses HSU



Roman School, Dillingen

Primary School, Dillingen

Odilien School, Dillingen

Old town hall, Wallerfang

Albert Schweitzer Gymnasium, Dillingen

Rümerberg School, Saarlouis

GS Gutberg, Saarwellingen

GS Rehlingen, Rehlingen

GS Steinrausch, Saarlouis

Max Ophüls School, Saarbrücken

Aschbach School, Saarbrücken

GS Güdingen, Saarbrucken

Ludwigsgymnasium, Saarbrücken

GS Kirchberg School, Schwalbach

Willy-Graf-Gymnasium, Saarbrücken

Max Planck Gymnasium, Saarlouis

GS Castle Park School, Völklingen

GS Albert-Weisberger, St. Ingbert

GS Haydnstrasse, Völklingen

GS Elversberg, Spiesen

Max Kolbe School, Wiebelskirche

Frieddrich Von Schiller School, Neunkirchen

GS Steinwald, Neunkirchen

GS Wiedeck School, Saarbrücken

GS St. Barbara, Altenkessel

GS Lindenschule, Riegelsberg

GemS L. Da Vinci, Riegelsberg

GS Lasbach, Quierschied

Saarland, Germany



Since 1978 until today

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The native language lessons are offered to all Italian children of school age at general schools. They have the opportunity to expand and deepen their language skills in their mother tongue. In addition, knowledge about the country of origin is imparted.

The mother tongue and the culture of the country of origin are seen primarily as the basis for harmonious development of the child's personality and as an important contribution to balanced and conflict-free integration in the host country.

The content, goals and methods of the lessons are based on the knowledge of the students and are tailored to the programs of the respective schools. Participation is voluntary and classes take place under the supervision of the Italian Consulate.

In addition to lessons in the native language, Italian lessons are increasingly being carried out in the form of study groups (AG) in which all pupils can participate.

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