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Resources to view and download

All resources, flyers and informative files can be viewed and downloaded on this page. 

Project Arcobaleno



Bilingualism as an educational opportunity (2008)

Substance distribution plan (2017)

Materials for implementing the language test CILS in the bilingual language project "Arcobaleno" 2018

HSU source language lessons

parents info. + Registration form ITA

Parent Info 2021/2022 EN

Flyer HSU courses 2021/2022

Curriculum elementary school HSU courses

Curriculum for secondary HSU courses

Saarland language concept

CILS certification

CILS Flyer

Registration form

Fees and costs

In Italiano con Minecraft

Katalog Minecraft Projekte 2023

Flyer Italiano con Minecraft

Our projects

Power Point "In Italiano with Minecraft"

Projekt "Roma Aeterna" und "Campus"

Broschüre "In italiano con Minecraft"

Project "Sulle tracce degli italiani in Saarland"

Quaderni francofortesi

Brochure "Sulle tracce degli italiani in Saarland"

sStudent magazine
"Il Giornalino"

"Il Giornalino" 2023 - 1. numero

"Il giornalino digitale" September 2021

"Il Giornalino" from 1995 - 2010

"I Quaderni del Giornalino"

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