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A digital Lego as an educational resource

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

A new teaching tool is making its way into schools and replacing the old books. The game with the colourful blocks is making its way into the world of learning. Minecraft, the second most searched word on youtube, is now an established method in primary and secondary schools. The project "Italian with Minecraft" prompted the students to check their understanding of the second language through play. Sitting in front of the PC, the children explored the Italian language and culture with the help of their digital Lego. As if by magic, the students were catapulted into virtual worlds: to the cinema, to the market, to a clothing shop ... everything was at all times "made in Italy". The children had a lot of fun during the project because they saw their roles turned upside down, they were no longer just users of the game but its protagonists, building their learning brick by brick. A new learning that involved improving the Italian language, strengthening some life skills (creative thinking, problem solving, effective communication...) and above all spreading awareness among the pupils that learning is also fun.

Teacher: Nicol Parrillo

Projekt: HSU

School: Grundschule Wiebelskirchen, Grundschule Steinwald, Grundschule Haydnstraße

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