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A "sweet" Christmas

"Wearing the chef's hat for two hours was a wonderful feeling!" This is how the students from the Steinwald and Elversberg schools, who were still getting their hands dirty with flour and sugar, described this "sweet" and convivial moment. During the activity, which took place during Italian lessons, the children expanded their vocabulary in 120 minutes, unleashed their creativity and strictly followed the instructions... understanding a legal text has never been so easy and fun. This activity once again illustrated the effectiveness of learning by doing, learning by doing. Each child in his or her group performed a specific task, but the final result was achieved through the cooperation of the participants; in this way, the little chefs earned the Michelin star for cooperation and creativity. The implementation of this event was possible thanks to the willingness of the school headmasters and the participation of the parents who were star chefs for a day.

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