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Coding AG to learn about Italy @ Max-Planck Gymnasium

A course to learn the basics of coding and to introduce students to the Italian language and culture, all using Minecraft Education. An extraordinary adventure began in September 2022 at the Max-Planck Gymnasium in Saarlouis with a group of 11 to 13 year olds, German-speaking and with no previous knowledge of Italian or programming languages.

They decided to take part in the Ag "Coding for Italian", which aims to provide them with basic knowledge of block programming and the Phython language using Microsoft's Minecraft Education Edition school programme, covering topics of Italian culture and progressively increasing vocabulary and grammatical structures to level A1.

The course is divided into modules and in class the students discuss coding theory, the different possible solutions in writing a sequence of instructions for the computer and then carry out homework within Minecraft Education.

Creativity and collaboration among the students are encouraged both in class and in individual work, and so far the participation and enthusiasm of the students has exceeded expectations.

We look forward to publishing the students' first works.

Many thanks to the headmaster, Mr Christian Bravo Lanyi, for giving us the opportunity and space to offer the course and for the way he supported and promoted the idea to the students.

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