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Color explosion

How often have we spent time in the morning rummaging through the bedside table to find two matching socks to wear? A waste of time! Finally, we can feel free to wear two different socks because on the first Friday of February, we celebrate Odd Socks Day, an idea originated by a primary school teacher to promote the beauty of diversity.

These garments have become a metaphor for uniqueness, inclusion and mutual respect, because even if you wear one sock with hearts and the other with four-leaf clovers, one long and the other short, it doesn't matter, they are still socks.

The children of the Luitpoldschule di Homburg-Erbach of the "Arcobaleno" project participated in this initiative with socks made of paper; the subjects involved were art, Italian, civics and German. This interdisciplinarity is one of the fundamental elements of the Rainbow Project, together with other features such as the common curriculum, the intercultural approach and the offering of Italian L2 in close connection with the regular curriculum.

The 'explosion' of colours on the socks made this a colourful, unique and emotional day.

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