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"Conosci l'Italia" online game with Minecraft Education - the winners

"Sehr super!" - Beautiful!

"Sehr super!" was the comment of Jonas, one of the participants in the online game "Conosci l'Italia" with Minecraft Education organised by Coasscit/Saar and the Italian Cultural Institute of Stuttgart that took place on Saturday 22 October as part of this year's "Settimana della lingua italiana nel Mondo".

In addition to the joy of coming first, Jonas also wanted to express his pleasure for an original and exciting experience, which combined the beauty of an extraordinary city like Venice and the magical and creative power of Minecraft, in its educational version.

The game consisted of a treasure hunt within Venice with its canals and 'Calli' on the theme of Carnival and Italian Masks. Besides fun, the aim of the game was to get to know Italy and its artistic and cultural beauties.

Surprise and approval also came from the parents: "What an extraordinary idea to use a video game to present Venice and do didactics!" wrote A. and F.'s mother.

The first prize consisting of a € 100.00 shopping voucher went to the 1st place winner, Jonas. The complete ranking: 1st Jan (€ 100.00), 2nd Jonas (€ 50.00), 3rd Fabian (€ 25.00), 4th Theo (€ 25.00). All participants received a certificate of participation.

The game was moderated by Laura, who very skilfully managed the group of 6 boys, some of them with no knowledge of Italian, on the Microsoft Teams and Minecraft Education platforms.

In the visual documentation some images taken during the game in the virtual "World" of Venice in Minecraft.

These are the comments of the participants (and of some who didn't participate due to lack of time, too bad for them!)

Jonas: Beautiful!


(Editor: R.P.)

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