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Enrol your child in CILS, the Italian language proficiency test!

What is CILS Italian language certification?

The CILS Italian language certificate is an official document that verifies knowledge of the Italian language and is issued through a test by the University for Foreigners of Siena.

The CILS Italian language certificate offers international recognition based on the European reference framework for languages and is offered for all levels, from elementary A1 to C1 for the advanced. The test takes into account the needs of children and adolescents learning Italian as a second language abroad (L2).

Why take the certification?

Because it increases personal satisfaction!

Because it helps to verify the progress made at school with Italian!

Because it promotes professional training and job opportunities!

Where and when do the tests take place?

The Test-CILS is offered in Saarland by Coasscit/Saar e.V., the managing body that organises Italian language and culture courses on behalf of the Ministerium für Bildung und Kultur and the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAECI). For exam preparation and enrolment, contact the Italian teachers at the schools or COASSCIT directly.

The deadline for registration is: 17.4.2024. The examination will take place in Saarbrücken on 5.6.2024.

For information:


Martin-Luther-Str. 12

66111 Saarbrücken

Tel: 0681/398684

Handy: 017657869352


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