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A Multilingual Christmas Miracle: The Performance of Bous Elementary School at the Christmas Market

On December 17, 2023, visitors to the Bous Christmas market witnessed a truly special show. Under the guidance of teachers Sandra Roschel and Francesca Barbato, children from the second, third, and fourth grades staged a small, yet touching theatrical performance. This unique event was highlighted by three songs in Italian and one multilingual, making it the highlight of the evening.

The performance was conducted in both Italian and German, reflecting the bilingualism of our "Arcobaleno" project. This project, initiated at the Bous elementary school, aims to expose our students to the beauty and diversity of languages. Through lessons in Italian and German, our children learn not just new words and grammar but also to appreciate cultural differences and similarities.

The Christmas market performance was more than just a play; it was a demonstration of the hard work, dedication, and passion of our students and teachers. The children showcased not only their linguistic skills but also their talent in acting and singing, visibly delighting the audience.

Special thanks go to teachers Sandra Roschel and Francesca Barbato, who have nurtured this project with so much dedication. Their effort makes it possible for our children to grow up in an environment where multilingualism is seen as an asset, not a barrier.

That evening at the Bous Christmas market was a wonderful example of how the merging of different cultures and languages can enrich a community. It was a moment of pride for our school and proof that education has the power to build bridges - not just between languages, but also between hearts.

We look forward to sharing more such enriching and unifying moments with our school community and beyond in the future.

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