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Carnival 2024: A Rainbow of Languages and Cultures at the Grundschule in Bous

At the heart of Carnival 2024, the "Arcobaleno" project shines as a living example of the importance of inclusion and cultural diversity. Launched in 1998 at the Grundschule in Bous, this bilingual initiative bridges cultures, offering Italian and German students a unique opportunity to learn Italian and German together from the very first day of school.

Italian lessons, taught by native speakers, ensure an authentic and stimulating language immersion, crucial for natural and spontaneous learning. "Arcobaleno" is based on the Two-Way model, promoting bilingual education from an early age and demonstrating how linguistic diversity can enrich every child's educational journey.

The recent Carnival celebration at the Grundschule in Bous featured enthusiastic participation from Francesca Barbato and Lia Santamaria, key figures of the project, who shared moments of joy and learning with the students. This celebration is not just an opportunity for fun but also a moment to reflect on the success of "Arcobaleno," made possible by the collaboration between COASSCIT/Saar e.V. and various elementary schools, supported by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Education of Saarland.

With "Arcobaleno," the Grundschule in Bous demonstrates how bilingual education can be a powerful means of building bridges between different cultures, encouraging mutual understanding and respect. This Carnival 2024, we celebrate not only the festivity but also the ongoing commitment to a more inclusive and multicultural future.

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