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"Get to know Italy with Minecraft" Online game with prizes in Italian for boys and girls

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

As part of the language week, Coasscit/Saar offers an Italian language game activity via the Microsoft platform: Minecraft Education.

Requirements and deadlines

The game will take place on Saturday 22nd october at 16.00 for a duration of approx. 1.30 hours.

In a preliminary meeting scheduled for Wednesday 19th at 17.00, any technical problems that may arise when registering on the platform will be resolved and useful information on how to play the game will be provided.

Participation in the game requires an elementary knowledge of Italian of level A1 children.

For registration and information please contact:

Coasscit/Saar e.V., Martin-Luther-Str. 12, 66111 Saarbrücken. Tel:017657869352, E-mail: Web:

Entries are open until: 18.10.2022.


The Italian Cultural Institute in Stuttgart and Coasscit/Saar are providing prizes for the winners, which will consist of "Vouchers" in physical or online shops.

1st Prize (€ 100.00)

2nd Prize (€ 50.00)

3rd Prize (€ 25.00)

4th Prize (€ 25.00)

Special prizes will be awarded to the youngest and most experienced Minecraft Education player. All participants will also receive a certificate of participation.

What is Minecraft Education?

Minecraft Education is a platform that exploits for educational purposes the potential of the video game "Minecraft", which is very popular among the very young in the world.

For this purpose it is recommended by the Ministry of Education in Italy and used in many schools in Germany for educational and school activities.

The language programme "In Italian with Minecraft" of the educational institute "Coassscit/Saar e.V." exploits the potential of the Education version to promote the Italian language and culture in Germany among the younger generation.

Technical aspects

To play the game, a computer with a mouse (Windwos version) is recommended. The new version of Minecraft Education is however also available on mobile devices (ipad and mobile phones)

After registering by e-mail, those registered for the game receive the necessary information on how to install and use the Microsoft 365 Education package, of which the Teams platform and Minecraft Education are part.


An important aspect is security with regard to data protection. Microsoft offers extensive data protection guarantees in the Education version, based on specific agreements with school authorities.

In order to participate in the game, it is only necessary to communicate one's name, which will be abbreviated in the account. The name is required for the allocation of a temporary licence for Minecraft and the Teams platform, through which the animators run the game. Both Teams and Minecraft Education are integrated into the Microsoft 365 package available to participants for the duration of the game.

What is Coasscit/Saar e.V.?

COASSCIT/Saar e.V. is an educational institute accredited by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Saarland Ministerium für Bildung und Kultur.

It is also recognised as an Education Institution by the Microsoft Corporation.


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